Formula E Brooklyn Circuit

Eventually car racing will come back and you will see Indycar series, nascar and all formula racing again soon. In the meantime, enjoy photography from Formula E Brooklyn Circuit July 2019. When I eventually learn how to upload videos, stay tuned for the car racing videos as well ( and the 7 inning stretch at Mets Citifield).

BTw, this ticket to the race was $0.00.

Happy Spring

In the midst of quarantine, I did promise to update this site with photography. I did miss a few days but I have made multiple posts today to add from the days I did not do.

I thought a little bit of spring and seeing spring decor would help us smile while we are physically socially isolating from each other.

These spring photos are from Plantasia, which is a spring/garden/patio vendor network in Hamburg, NY (Erie County). It was most likely canceled this year due to widespread pandemic but hopefully Plantasia will come back to Erie County when it is safe to do so.

Fort Ticonderoga In The Adirondacks

I thought in this time where we are social distancing, it would be a good opportunity to upload some of my photography to my website. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding more nature photography, in the event you do need a small break from your house, being around nature, to take a hike, walk where you are less around people is perfectly safe. This is Fort Ticonderoga in the Adirondacks (I am not saying to travel several hours to go there now) but these are some photos to view and enjoy so when the time is right, you can visit again. (also this run by the government, so it is closed).