Frank Lloyd Wright Homes, Mid Hudson

The first Frank Lloyd Wright home is a personal residence in Blauvelt, NY ( right by Tappan Zee and Nyack). This is as far as you can get without trespassing. The second home is the famous Massaro home, also personal residence. But you need a boat or a helicopter to get to the actual house. This is LITERALLY in Lake Mahopic. 🙂

Strolling Through The Town of Greenburgh, Westchester NY

While I caretake the apartment somewhere in Midhudson, i have been taking advantage in exploring Westchester. I absolutely love strolling through Hastings on Hudson. Besides Hastings, there are also photos of Tarrytown and Elmsford.

Washington Headquarters, Newburgh, NY, Midhudson region

After I left Weed Orchard, I decided to drive through the older section of Newburgh for a bit, as the older architecture was really intriguing to me. I also learned Weed Orchard is actually in Ulster County, not Orange, but it’s right on the border and next to Newburgh.

I saw the park with Washington Headquarters overlooking the Hudson River so i decided to well photograph. Now, I wouldn’t just shlepp ONLY to Newburgh to see this monument. Newburgh is a depressed city with absolutely no attractions and I do not recommend just traveling to see this. If you happen to be in the area and you have extra time and want to walk around then see it. (although there are lots of potential economic attraction opportunity near the water. Business dévelopers and urban planners could actually revitalize )

Weed Orchard, Mid Hudson, Marlboro NY

I discovered Weed Orchard and Winery, in Mid Hudson région after discovering it through Real Housewives of NYC (yeah i know, tease all you want). The place looked interesting to take a day trip and I was also amused by the name. In hindsight, I didn’t realize how far it was. I thought the road trip would have been shorter. I am not likely to go again, I think but i did enjoy the scenery, Midhudson and orchard. It was still a good trip.