Frank Lloyd Wright Homes, Mid Hudson

The first Frank Lloyd Wright home is a personal residence in Blauvelt, NY ( right by Tappan Zee and Nyack). This is as far as you can get without trespassing. The second home is the famous Massaro home, also personal residence. But you need a boat or a helicopter to get to the actual house. This is LITERALLY in Lake Mahopic. 🙂

Strolling Through The Town of Greenburgh, Westchester NY

While I caretake the apartment somewhere in Midhudson, i have been taking advantage in exploring Westchester. I absolutely love strolling through Hastings on Hudson. Besides Hastings, there are also photos of Tarrytown and Elmsford.

Sharon, Ct Litchfield Connecticut

I was in Sharon during pandemic spring because old Tourette psychologist said i am a friendless loser so get used to doing things Alone because I will never have Friends.

Meanwhile i was also dropping off a perennial in Amenia for a friend’s birthday. The friends who Tourette psychologist Says I have no friends in my life because I am a social loser

Middle Class Real Estate,  Pelham Bay Bronx

I have spent a lot of time in Mid Hudson region and the Bronx During the pandemic (i am assisting in looking over a home during the pandemic). I have really started to explore the Bronx, areas of Westchester, sometimes Connecticut, and Dutchess).

During the pandemic, the middle and working class have been long forgotten and as usual, the millionaires are still on top. Even with Trump out, it’s still like this with Biden. He is no progressive who helps the middle class live in America.

Every now and then, I may post photography of Middle class America as a reminder that we as a country still need to do.

Oh, I also love real estate, architecture and exploring underachieved less trendy neighborhoods.